Thursday, 18 September 2008

School of Art and Design logo

I did some logo designs for SoAaD (CPIT School of art and design). The outcome that I got to people reacted with thats nice. I liked it but thought it was way too safe. It need to be pushed further.

inspired by Michael Bierut's Museum of Art and Design. Also some more Pentagram stuff, Angus Hyland's Brankspanking logo animated by Andy Foulds.

I started on marking it fit a style like that. You can see on the first link of this post that I tried to do that for the first one drawing up my own type. I like the skin tone reference, with the B S. Also the animations look and work really well. Anyway here's what I worked through to.

I wanted something more in a logo format rather than the more flat Brandspanking one. Wanted to use a semicirle with an extended box attached rather than just a semicircle. Did it in CPIT green (what I thought was a green is actually C=100 K=75).
This is using the same shape 4 times to create 3 letters. The interior letters 'o' and 'A' are smaller and less significant. I think it is too wide and although I like the shape which is created in the lower box of the 'S' The interior letters don't work.

I actually took me a while to click that a D reversed is a lower case a not that I didn't know but I was so focused on the upper case that it didn't cross my mind.

Final only thing is it reminds me of the computer arts little graphic they use throughout their magazine.

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